Friday, September 13, 2013

Secret Subject Swap, Sept. - Take 2!

It's Swap time! Round 2 of September's Secret Subject Swap! This week, 11 brave bloggers have submitted a secret subject and received one in return to write about in their own style.

I received my subject from Outsmarted Mommy , who is one wonderful lady! If you haven't checked out her blog, I'll tell ya, she's funny and sweet and real and interesting and smart and------ you should just go check her out!  My subject is:

"What is your biggest regret in life and why?"
My biggest regret?  Hmm.  Could it be:
*the time I ate that whole package of raw cookie dough and got food poisoning? I have never been so sick in my life. And I had a couple month old baby who was breastfeeding. Yes, please stretch yourself out across my stomach while I sit still and try not to vomit on your cute little head. I ended up dehydrated and in the ER.
Or maybe:
*on my wedding night, when I thoroughly scrubbed my eyes with eye makeup remover pads, only to quickly and intensely realize they were not, in fact, made for eyes. They were just regular face scrubbing soap. I spent 10 minutes in the bathroom rinsing my eyes out with cold water, jumping up and down at the burning, and hoping my new hubby wouldn't come knocking on the door to see what was taking his oh-so intelligent new wife so long.
*when building our first house, when the oldest of all the kids was only 8, and I decided to get white linoleum in the kitchen. Yes, I hear you all collectively *face palming* yourselves. Brilliant idea, wasn't it? I really loved how it brightened up the whole room, and I thought to myself: "I'm not going to not get it because I'm afraid of it getting dirty. I will just have to mop everyday and it will be fine! It will help motivate me to keep up".  Um, no. I don't care how much you mop, you cannot keep a white floor clean with 6 kids and a dog. In a tiny house. Where the main entrance/exit is in that room. You just can't. All the daily mopping accomplished was stripping the shine right off the floor, so then it was dirty and dingy. Excellent.
Or maybe it was the time I blogged about 3 really embarrassing things I did and people read about it........


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