Friday, December 13, 2013

Secret Subject Swap - Dec. Take Two! Friday the 13th edition

Welcome to another Secret Subject Swap! 12 fantastic bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts! 

My topic is:  "Today’s Friday the 13th. What does that mean to you? Anything? Do you feel any different about it or is it just the same as any other day?" 
It was submitted by Karen of Baking In A Tornado, the fabulous blogger who created and puts together the Secret Subject Swaps, and someone I am honored to call a friend.

Friday the 13th

7:00 am:  This is the time my alarm goes off so I can get the teens off to school. Make sure everybody is up, wearing clothes that don't smell like hot dragon breath, and give medicine to the kiddos that take it.  Today my alarm does not go off.  I sleep right through the noise of morning rush hour.

8:00am:  I wake with a jolt, sit straight up and look at the clock. I missed them. They're all already at school now. Hopefully smelling acceptable, yet unmedicated. Should be getting a phone call  or two from the school later on about questionable behavior. Awesome. And I didn't say goodbye and wish them a good day.  ~sigh.

8:05am:  I go downstairs to start coffee. I step into the kitchen and right into a puddle of dog pee.  Terrific. I guess I didn't see it there because I was too distracted by the trash strewn all over the floor from the afore-mentioned pee-er.

8:30am:  Floor is cleaned up. Time for coffee! I just love my Keurig! The one that is making questionable noises at the moment..... and leaking out the side..... and not putting caffeinated deliciousness into my cup..... AHHH! Seriously? Do not mess with a woman's coffee!

12:00pm:  I grouchily make my way through the morning chores. I break the mop, load the dishwasher then realize we are out of detergent, and knock over the same trash I spent 20 minutes cleaning earlier. Fabulous.
It's time for lunch, so I begin the daily battle of trying to find a lunch acceptable to the 2 year old. The kid doesn't eat anything but Goldfish and mini muffins.
"Macaroni and cheese?" "NO!"  "Peanut butter and jelly?"  "NO!"  "A pop upside your  How about Goldfish??"

2:00pm:  Phone rings. It's the school. Crap. But it's not actually about behavior. It's about my parent teacher conference. That started 20 minutes ago. Where are you? They ask me. Oh I'm on my way to crazy town, lady. And I don't think I'm coming back.

2:45pm:  Kids get home from school. "Mom don't forget I have to be at the school for 3:30 for practice."  "Well why didn't you just stay after?"  "Cuz I was hungry! What do we have to eat? Nothing? Ugh! We never have anything to eat around here! It's so dumb. Can I have Goldfish?"   Super.

3:40pm:  I drop a kid off at practice, hopefully the right one, and head to the store. I defrosted chicken and need to figure out something to do with it. I decide on Honey Bunches Chicken and grab the ingredients. I get to the check-out counter, and realize I left my wallet in the car.  UGH.

6:00pm:  I've done 3 drop offs and pick ups and have one more to go, but I've got to squeeze in making dinner. I'm glad I took that chicken out of the freezer -------  Dammit!!  Grilled cheese it is.

7:00pm:  Time to struggle through both the 6th grader's and the 8th grader's math homework. I hate math. Why does that have to be the subject they need help in?  Oh good, the 8th grader only has 4 problems to do. Oh wait, each one has a part A, B, C, D, and E.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

8:00pm:  "Mom, my cell phone bill was due today, they just shut it off, can you pay it?"  "Mom, I need $10 for my field trip tomorrow."  "Mom, do you have any money so I can go to the movies?"  Teeeerrific.

8:30pm:  This day is dumb. I decide to pour a glass of wine and surrender. The glass is half way to my lips when Mr. 11 says "Mom, don't you have to pick up Mr. 15 from practice? Like now?"  Grrrrrrrr.

9:30pm:  That's it. I'm done. I'm not doing anything else today but killing this glass of wine and maybe a little reading. But first, I decide to get the biggest, darkest sharpie I have so I can cross off today, Friday the 13th, on my calendar. Cuz this day was a train wreck, but I survived and now I can cross it off!!
I march determinedly to the calendar, pull the cap off the Sharpie, and go to cross off today.




The 12th.


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Friday, November 15, 2013

Nov. SSS #2; Welcome to the Garden of Eden

Today celebrates the 26th Secret Subject Swap! This week 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My Secret Subject this week is:

 "You can travel back to any point in time and participate in a historical event. Which event do you choose and why?"

It was submitted by The Gamer's Corner.  Make sure you check out this great blog as well as the other 10 listed at the end of this post :)

We've all heard the story of Adam and Eve right? From the Bible? They were the first two people created to inhabit the earth. And at first, wow, did they have it made. They lived in the Garden of Eden, which was a literal Heaven on earth: everything they needed they had; there was no sadness, no struggling, no suffering, NO PAIN.
And then Eve ate that apple. And gave some to the hubby.
They had ONE RULE. ONE. Do not eat those apples, yo. There's 646 trees of fruit you can eat from, but NOT this particular one. But does Eve listen? Heck no. She is tempted by a sneaky serpent and tries the forbidden fruit.
She broke the rule. Adam did too. Consequences must be forthcoming.
Among the many, one that stands out to me is Genesis 3:16 - "To the woman he said, 'I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children..."
So, being the mother of 7 biological children, had I been there to witness this historical event, Eve and I would've had a little conversation:
Me:  "Dude, for real, you don't wanna eat that apple."
Eve:  "But it looks sooooo good! Better than the others. I think I'll just have a little bite."
Me:  "Hey hey, it's not like it's chocolate; you will regret this, I Am Telling You. You're going to have kids, and it's going to HURT! For HOURS. For DAYS. Don't eat the apple, man, don't curse us all! I don't like pain!"
Eve:  "It can't be that bad! Just back off woman, and leave me alone! Who are you anyway? Walking around the garden in your jeans and knock off Uggs, Starbucks cup in your hand; just go away!"
Me:  "Do you know how many years it will be before the invention of the epidural?! You can't do this to us! Stretch marks, yo. Contractions. Tearing. Stitches and sitz baths and donut pillows! Here, I brought a granola bar, help yourself. No? I've got Nutella.... everything's better with Nutella..."
*sigh*  I tried, ladies. I tried.

pic from
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Where's the Compassion?

There's a situation that happened at my kid's high school yesterday that has me feeling rather ranty. It makes me wonder what happened to compassion and empathy. It makes me pissed, to be quite blunt.

Yesterday was Halloween. The local high school students were allowed to wear costumes to school.  One particular kid wore a shirt covered in fake blood and carried a baseball bat with fake blood on it. That was his costume.

Another kid in school had a problem with that costume. I'm going to call him Jay. Jay's older brother is in jail for at least 25 years. When Jay's brother was about 14 and still in middle school, (with my daughter)  he got into a fight with another boy. They decided to meet up in the woods later that day. Jay's brother brought a baseball bat. He hit the other boy with the bat. The boy died. Jay's brother is serving time in prison for murder.

When Jay went to school yesterday morning and saw this kid's costume, he immediately thought of his brother. Of course, it made him very emotional; upset, hurt, and angry. What his brother did is not his fault; but he has to live with the aftermath too. In turmoil, he went to his teacher and asked him if he would tell the student that he couldn't wear that costume; Jay just couldn't bear it, it was tearing him apart. The teacher said no, I won't tell him that. Jay broke down and told the teacher the story of his brother, and asked him 'Can you at least tell him to stop carrying the bat around?'   'No' said the teacher. 

No. The teacher would not ask the other student to stop carrying around school a baseball bat with fake blood all over it that was emotionally tormenting another student. Apparently the kid's right to dress in whatever Halloween costume he wanted to was more important than Jay's emotional well being, his feeling of safety and comfort at school.

Now, something that you should know about this school:  they confiscated a sweatshirt from an 11th grade girl that said 'Twerk Team Captain' because they said it was inappropriate.

Inappropriate. Twerking is inappropriate. Even mentioning it is inappropriate. But wearing a costume of a person covered in blood with a bloody baseball bat is not inappropriate?? For school?!  How can that be? Especially when it is DIRECTLY hurting another child!

After class Jay went to the principal. Asked him the same thing, 'Can you make that kid stop wearing that costume?'   'No' said the principal.  So again, Jay had to spill his guts, his family secrets, his pain.
'I see', said the principal.  And he made the other student TAKE OFF THE COSTUME.

Thank you, Mr. Prinicpal. Thank you for having an ounce of compassion that was not demonstrated by the teacher.

We are a small community here, and we need to take care of each other. And when a kid works up the courage (or is upset enough) to talk to a teacher about a fellow student upsetting him to the point he can't focus in class, we need to act.

Screw the Halloween costume. Seriously, is it more important than another child's mental health?? Really?  I don't think so.

I know I deviated from the funny guys, but I couldn't help it. This has been eating at me. Thanks for letting me rant <3  Comments, thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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