Friday, January 11, 2013

Dialogue with a Toddler

Stop it!
Get down!
Cut it out!
What the??
You've got to be kidding me!

This is what you will hear if you happen to stop by my house during the day when I'm home with the 17 month old.  I feel like a broken record, one that doesn't speak in complete sentences, just bursts. 

This boy is into everything.  He climbs on the kitchen table and gets into whatever his siblings have left on there.  He puts his binky in the trash. Then takes it out and puts it in his mouth.  He pushes the buttons on the cable box while looking at me and saying "No".  He knocks over his Little Tykes basketball hoop and stands on the back board.  He rips his books.  His board books.  He sticks his finger in the dog's nose.
Then he does something so sweet and cute, like climbing up in my lap and snuggling into my shoulder until he falls asleep, or wiggling his bare toes in the new bathmat with such a look of pure joy on his face, that out comes the:

You're such a cutie!
What a sweet boy!
Silly guy!
Little snugglebug!
I love love love you!
Hey, put the bathmat down! It doesn't go IN the tub! Cut it out! NO NO NO!!


  1. Oh crap! That's already me with me 11-month-old! He smiles at me while I'm begging him not to dump the cat food or turn off the TV. I cannot imagine 12 more months of him laughing at me!!

    1. @April, Oh yes, lots of months of the laughing and that look like: what are you gonna do about it??

  2. This sounds crazy familiar! Feeling less alone in little guy crazy town right now :)

    1. Doesn't it help to know someone shares in our misery?