Friday, January 4, 2013

Here We Go

(So, a blog.  Here goes nothing....) 

I find myself in need of a place to share my philosophical musings, my intellectual dilemmas, my cures for the world's woes.   OR  I need somewhere to flip my shit when life is pissing me off and kids are driving me nuts and I look like a crazy lady venting to my cat.  Especially because I don't have a cat.  I have a dog, but I can see the judgment in her eyes when I try to confide in her. 

I have seven children (not a typo) and two step children.  I am on marriage number 2, and while I should've known what I was getting into this time, sometimes I'm still shocked.  We have a crazy busy life, lots of sports, school activities, and wine drinking.  That last one is mostly me.  But drinking wine isn't all I do; I also drink coffee and go on FaceBook and Twitter and read lots of blogs. Oops, that was a typo; I meant I also cook and clean and pay bills and drive the kids everywhere.  Actually, I do all of those things, hence my need for a venting space, a place to blurt it all out and free my mind of the stuff that swirls around in there and clogs up my thoughts.  You know, a cerebral blocked drain. This blog can be like Drano.

I am an extreme a bit of a perfectionist, and a wicked sort of control freak, so it's going to be hard for me not to continuously re-read my posts to the point where I think everything sucks and just delete it all.  But I've learned from reading other blogs and pages that I am actually not the only one who is insane stressed out and sometimes reading other people's verbal diarrhea can be helpful. We're all in this together right?  Hello??

Ah, well.  Anyway.  I'm a little sarcastic, a little random, kind of emotional, and a bit all over the place.  I may post stories, rants, praises, jokes, questions, who knows.... But let's just jump in!


  1. Ha! having so many kids and a crazy chaotic life with a little bit of neurotic side...blogging perfection! you will fit in perfectly in the blogosphere, I am a tiny person but welcome! What's your handle on Twitter, have a Facebook page yet?

    1. Thank you thank you! And you may be a tiny person but I've been reading you for a couple months (you were actually the first blog I started reading!) so a comment from you is celebrity status to me :) I have never blogged before and am a bit nervous, cuz I'm cool like that. No FB page yet, have to learn how to do that next! Twitter is @kristi6677. I think I'm following you already. Advice, tips and opinions welcome, please!

  2. Crazy fun read! As a slacking, nap loving, novel writing mom of 3, I NEED this blog..Thank You! Ilene

  3. Thank you Ilene! I look forward to getting to "know" you, as we are clearly kindred spirits!!